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Welcome to Levi’s Customer Survey. To convey complaints and feedback, Levi’s is conducting a My Levis Experience Survey at Levis.com/storesurvey, and they even reward you by giving Levi’s Discount Code for participating.

Mylevisexperience Survey – If you’ve recently visited Levi’s clothing store, then here’s some great news.

You can win a Levis Outlet Coupon worth 20% off by spending five minutes on Levi’s Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.Mylevisexperience.com.

You can win a Levis Outlet Coupon worth 20% off by completing Levi’s Survey if you have recently visited Levi’s clothing store.

This post explains how to win Mylevisexperience Prize by sending your feedback to the company.

Levi’s Experience Survey Rules, Levi’s Survey Steps, and links to get in touch with the company are also available.

Now that we want to know more about Levi’s Customer Feedback Survey, let’s move on to the next step.

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Purpose of Levi’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Denim jeans are the hallmark of Levi Strauss & Co., an American clothing company best known for its Denim Jeans. Founded by Levi Strauss in 1958, Levi’s has become one of the world’s most popular brands.

A San Francisco-based company, it produces and sells jeans, trousers, jackets, sweaters, shorts, shirts, T-shirts, accessories, shoes, underwear, socks, belts, overalls, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, etc.

To reach a higher level, Levi Strauss & Co wants to grow up.

Therefore, Levi’s has developed a customer survey called Levi’s Survey, accessible at www.mylevisexperience.com.

You can share your feedback and views with Levi’s by participating in their Customer Feedback Survey.

Likewise, you are free to contact the company with complaints, opinions, or suggestions.

By surveying its loyal customers, the company will identify its loopholes, where they need to improve further, and also understand the needs of its customers.

Details of MyLevisExperience of Levi’s Customer Survey

Detailed results of Levi’s Customer Experience survey are below:

NameLevi Strauss & Co.
Survey NameMy Levis Experience Survey
Survey URLwww.levi.com/storesurvey Or www.mylevisexperience.com
Survey Reward20% Levis Outlet Coupon
Age Limit18+
Is Purchase Necessary?Yes

Rewards for Levi’s Guest Feedback Survey

20% Off Levi’s Discount Code

Once you have completed Levi’s Store Survey, you will receive an online survey coupon that gives you a 20% discount on your next purchase from Levi’s StoreThe Levi’s Store.

The discount applies if your purchase is made within Germany, in which case you will receive a 10 per cent discount. Whether you want to redeem the voucher in-store or online, you can choose the method of redemption.

Rules and Prerequisites of the My Levis Experience Survey

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following points if you’ve decided to participate in Levi’s survey of customer feedback, as these are the requirements you must meet.

  • Every participant must have at least a smartphone with a mobile or laptop, tablet or computer, or another smart device that can connect to the Internet.
  • There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years old.
  • Your Levi’s Experience Survey is only available to residents of Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, or the United Kingdom.
  • You cannot trade or transfer the prize you may receive for participating in Levi’s survey.
  • Those who are employees at Levi’s stores in any of its locations or who have close relatives who work at Levi’s stores are prohibited from participating in Levi’s survey.
  • The survey requirements can only be understood by those who have a good understanding of the English language. In an interview, you’ll need to answer various questions in a meaningful and relevant manner.
  • Upon receiving the coupon code, you must use it within 30 days of receiving it.
  • When using the Levi’s Discount Code you received after taking the survey My Levi’s Experience, you may only use it once. No combination discount can be used with it.
  • Please complete the www.levi.com/storesurvey Encuesta (poll) within seven days of visiting Levi’s Store.
  • Each person may participate in Levi’s customer feedback survey only once every thirty days.
  • Only certain products are eligible for the coupon code. Levi Strauss & Co. reserves the right to alter the list of items at any time in the future.

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Mylevisexperience.com – Steps To Take Levi’s Survey

Do not worry if the steps I have listed are not clear enough to understand how to participate in Levi’s survey of feedback. I have also explained the steps to you.

Please follow these steps if you would like to participate in Levi’s Guest Experience Survey.

  • Go to Levi’s online survey website at www.levi.com/storesurvey with your Smart Gadget, smartphone, tablet, or laptop connected to the internet.
  • In the next step, you will need to enter your email address and click the Arrow button.
  • In the next window, you can enter the date, time, and year that you visited Levi’s Store.
  • Also, you must choose which country you came from before visiting Levi’s.
  • In the next step, you will need to enter the location of the store and the amount you spent at Levi’s.
  • You can begin answering survey questions by giving your rating based on your satisfaction with Levi’s shop you visited.
  • From highly satisfied to unhappy with your last Levi’s Store experience, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of options.
  • You will have to answer the questions about your gender and age after you have completed the My Levis Experience Survey.
  • If you’re redeeming the coupon online or in a store, pick the location from where you want to redeem it.
  • Greetings! After completing Levi’s customer feedback survey, you can submit it by clicking on the submit button.
  • Upon receiving the coupon code, you will receive an email notification. Taking advantage of this offer will allow you to save 20% on your next purchase at Levi’s.

About Levi’s

American clothing company Levis is famous for its denim jeans. Since 1958, Levi Strauss has been the founder of Levi’s. It sells and manufactures jeans, trousers, jackets, sweaters, shorts, shirts, T-shirts, accessories, shoes, underwear, socks, belts, overalls, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, etc.

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How do I take Levi’s customer survey?

Visit mylevisexperience.com and enter the code from your receipt to take the survey. You can complete the survey in less than five minutes.

What do I need in order to take the survey?

The survey requires a recent Levi’s purchase receipt with a survey invitation code.

How long does Levi’s customer survey take to complete?

It takes less than five minutes to complete the survey.

What can I win by taking Levi’s customer survey?

Take the survey for a chance to win a $500 Levi’s gift card.


Here is everything I have to say about Levi’s Store and their customer satisfaction survey, as promised. 

Clearly stated is the purpose of the survey, how you can participate with the questionnaire, and what the prize is.

You can take part in the survey at www.levi.com/storesurvey or www.mylevisexperience.com right now, so don’t waste any more time.

For more surveys with exciting rewards, visit our official survey website.